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Social Skills

All social skills training groups are led by Occupational Therapists and/or Speech Language Pathologists and are designs to optimize social interactions with peers.  Children will be placed into the most appropriate group environment based on age and developmental level.

  • Social group will occur weekly for 8 week periods.  (please call for next session dates)
  • Group will have a minimum of 4 students and max of 8 (some flexibility if group is cohesive)
  • There will be at least one therapist present throughout session, consisting of an OT or SLP.  We will also have one therapy tech available as well.
  • Parent/Guardian participation is mandatory.  One parent/guardian will be required to attend the first session and the last session, along with signing up to volunteer for at least one of the group sessions.
  • We will no longer be filing insurance for social group.  It is not our intention to be a financial hardship on your family, so if you have financial concerns please discuss this with our office manager.
  • Payment for group will be $245 for an 8 week session, roughly $30.00 per session.  Half of the payment will be due when you sign up for social group to reserve your spot and the other half will be due the day of the first session, prior to social group starting.  There will be no reimbursements if a session is missed, nor make up session provided.

Sensational Kids

Social Group Structure:

Each session will consist of structured and unstructured interactions between peers and therapists to facilitate improved social interactions.  Structured interactions will include the use of social coaching, social stories, modeling and role play to teach social skills.  Children will participate in age appropriate group activities (i.e. playing board games, reading stories, etc) to promote social skills.  Unstructured interactions will occur in three sensorimotor gyms as therapists coach the child’s interactions during spontaneous play.  Occupational therapists will assist with generalization of acquired skills in a less structured environment and to facilitate appropriate interactions as needed.

Social skills taught will vary based on child’s age and developmental level. Social skill lesson may include, but are not limited to:

  • Learn to take turns in play with peers
  • Learn to take turns or share time when talking with peers
  • Learn to let others have turns deciding on activities to play
  • Learn to give others appropriate personal space
  • Learn to make improved eye contact with adults and peers
  • Learn to terminate social interactions & accept when others are ready to terminate
  • Learn to resolve conflicts with others appropriately and adaptively
  • Learn to keep hands to self when playing, with decreased aggressive behaviors
  • Learn to initiate social contact in an age-appropriate way
  • Negotiate for objects, space, and/or choice of activity
  • Facilitating improved conversations skills (i.e. initiating/termination conversations, maintaining topics, reading verbal/non-verbal communication cues.)
  • For Team Building experience the older social group may participate in a field trip to a local activity to work on team building, organizational skills, and negotiating skills

To help place your child in the most appropriate group, please complete the following paperwork (questionnaire) and return it to our office by mail or in person at:

Sensational Kids, Inc
14715 Bristol Park Blvd.  Oklahoma City, OK 73013

Download the Social Skills Group Questionnaire

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