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Speech and Language Therapy

What is it and how does it help?

Sensational Kids Speech Therapy

Speech and language therapy assists in improving a child’s ability to learn and communicate.  Sensational Kids has several speech-language pathologists on staff that are highly trained in evaluating and treating children who have difficulty with speech and/or language skills.

Speech disorders treated include:

  • articulation (the way we pronounce sounds)
  • apraxia of speech (difficulty planning and coordinating the movements needed to produce speech)
  • fluency (the ease at which speech occurs)
  • voice (pitch, intensity and resonance balance such as hoarseness)

Language disorders treated include:

  • receptive language or auditory processing (difficulty understanding language)
  • expressive language (difficulty using words in a meaningful way to convey a message or participate in a conversation)
  • pragmatic language or social communication (difficulty using language appropriately in social settings)

Other disorders treated include weak oral-motor skills, dysarthria and difficulties with feeding and swallowing. With individualized speech and language treatment, a child improves their communication skills often leading to decreased frustration and negative behaviors and improved social development and peer relationships.

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