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What to Expect After an Evaluation

Evaluation Results

As soon as the therapist scores the standardized testing, therapist will discuss test findings with the parents.  Occasionally, this can be done before the parent leaves the evaluation; however, this can also be completed in a telephone call following the initial session.  Each standardized test takes a different amount of time to grade and some children have more than one standardized test administered during the evaluation. 

Therapy Options

Therapist and parents will then discuss whether participation in therapy is necessary and if so, at what frequency (i.e. two times per week, once a week, every other week, etc.).  Because each child’s needs are different, it can take anywhere from one week to one month for the written report to be completed.  Typically, occupational therapy reports take a little longer due to the amount of personalized material included in the written report.  If a written report is needed sooner due to a follow-on appointment, please notify front office when scheduling the evaluation or the therapist at the time of the evaluation and they will work hard to accommodate, if possible.  Depending on the type of payment covering a child’s services, the child may begin services the following week or the child must wait until insurance approval is granted, which can vary greatly (between four to six weeks most often, but can take up to twelve weeks). 

Treatment Goals

Although a written report may not be complete at the time your child starts therapy, the therapist will have recommended written treatment goals for parents/caregivers in place at the time of child’s first visit.  Since parent/caregiver’s input is vital for success, it is important to review the treatment goals and make sure they are what you want, along with understanding why therapist may have added additional treatment goals based on standardized test scores or areas identified as challenging for your child during the evaluation.  

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