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Preparing for the Evaluation

In order for the evaluation to be the best possible experience, it is important for you and your child to come prepared. Here are some things you’ll need to know:

Evaluation Walk-Through

Please watch the video clip made especially to help increase children’s comfort before their first session. If your child is especially anxious about visiting new places, and the video is not as helpful as needed, you are welcome to set up a walk-through of the facility ahead of time, including meeting the evaluating therapist. 

What to Bring

In order for the evaluation to be the best possible experience, it is important for your child to be as well rested as possible and to eat breakfast.  If you feel your child may get hungry during the evaluation, you are welcome to bring along their favorite snack that they can eat during the evaluation. 

Please make sure your child wears comfortable shoes as they may be needed for testing of running or balance skills.  If your child wears corrective lenses, make sure you bring them.  In addition, please have your child wear or bring socks as socks are required for play in the sensorimotor gyms for health and sanitary reasons. 

Caregivers’ Roles During the Evaluation

Caregivers are welcome to be present throughout the evaluation, including standardized testing.  However, you may be asked to sit outside your child’s field of vision during testing.  If you feel your child may do better if you are not present, there are two-way mirrors and a sound monitor available to allow you to view your child at all times. If you observe within the room, it is important not to break up standardized testing with questions or attempt to correct your child’s behaviors as this may interfere with testing. 

You will be provided with a paper and pen so you do not forget the comments or questions you think of during your child’s testing.  During the parent interview, the evaluating therapist will encourage caregivers to ask questions, make comments, or discuss concerns while the child is playing out of listening range, whenever possible.  

Covering Clinic Rules

Whenever possible an office staff member will meet with parents to discuss clinic rules, payment options, and answer any pertinent questions about starting therapy sessions before a parent leaves the facility.  However, there are times when this meeting can be done over the telephone or at a follow-up appointment.

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