Speech-Language Therapy

What is it and what does it address?

Staff working with patients

Pediatric speech-language therapy assists in improving a child’s functional communication skills. Breakdowns in communication can occur when a child has difficulty processing verbal information, being understood by others, and/or expressing themself. This often leads to increased frustration and interferes with social development and peer relationships. Sensational Kids, Inc. therapists are highly trained in evaluating and treating children who have difficulty with their speech and/or language skills. Our therapists use their diverse knowledge to provide therapy in an enjoyable environment. Our goal is to increase a child’s ability to successfully communicate with others in their everyday settings.

You may consider a speech-language evaluation if your child has difficulty in any of the following areas:

  • Speech:
    • Articulation: producing speech sounds correctly
    • Fluency (commonly referred to as stuttering): using appropriate rate and rhythm when speaking
    • Voice: using appropriate vocal quality, pitch, and loudness
  • Language:
    • Receptive language: understanding what others say
    • Expressive language: sharing thoughts, ideas, and feelings
    • Social communication: using verbal and nonverbal language to interact with people
    • Phonological awareness: recognizing that spoken words consist of smaller components such as syllables and sounds and that these units can be manipulated

SLPs can also address feeding and swallowing difficulties. Please refer to the feeding therapy section for more detailed information.