What to Expect During an Evaluation

Typically, the initial evaluation lasts between one and two hours. During your child’s visit, we will conduct a thorough evaluation consisting of:

Standardized Testing

Standardized testing is often required by insurance companies as it provides objective data related to your child’s current skill level and helps provide grounds for obtaining services. It is used whenever possible based on your child’s tolerance. However, standardized testing is not appropriate for all children so standardized parent questionnaires may be used instead. 

Parent/Caregiver Interview

The parent/caregiver interview is important to determine the child’s strengths and interests, determine the child’s typical responses and routines, and learn parental/caregiver concerns that will be used to guide treatment plans. It is vital we understand what is most important to caregivers so it can make the time, expense, and effort of getting the child to reoccurring therapy sessions worthwhile. 

Skilled Observation

Since evaluations are play-based and therapists work to increase the child’s comfort level before standardized testing begins, most children have lots of fun their first time and look forward to returning. Furthermore, play is used as an evaluation tool to observe the child’s type(s) of play, social interactions, motor skills, and/or possible responses to sensory inputs.